About Sweet Savannah

Home of Sweet Savannah is an Interior Decor brand which produces African-inspired furniture & décor .Our design style is “ContAfrican” contemporary, modern & minimalist. We melange & utilise various materials like African fabrics and natural resources to create functional, bold items to fit into any space & state in your life.


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration and love for African prints came about through our founder's travels into West Africa, where the use of African fabrics & natural resources are a part of the daily culture.

Our Mission & Brand Promise

We simply want to infuse, collaborate and extend our brand visibility & reach to the global interior décor market.


Our Founder

Like most of us, Cecilia M. Kapasula’s career path was unclear in her early years. Although she was encouraged to follow her own path from her family, she matriculated with the decision to study Cost & Management Accounting because Accounting was her favourite subject and completely ignored her passion as she was best known for organising off-site beauty pagents and end year parties in high school. She always replied “I love to make people happy” when asked about her future career.

She has acquired over 10 years experience in the administration sector. Her journey started as a receptionist, she dropped out of the University of Johannesburg after 2 years of attempting to tackle her chosen career path. Although her work kept her grounded & paid the bills, she was always reminded of her passion and she felt extremely limited.


A Woman With A Vision

She was offered a position to go work & live in Ghana for a year in 2009. Her passion for Africa expanded, she visited many other countries in Africa and spent 5 years in Gabon. These experiences marked the birth to her future.

In 2011, she joined forces with her sister Rhoda Speka and started a catering business. Divine Catering took off very quickly after it was featured on a TV show called Its My Biz on Etv. Eventually it was clear that she and her team were not equiped financially nor with the practical experience & knowledge to run the business so she closed shop. After she regained her force & focus, she was even more determined to make her next business a success.

These days, she is “adding a piece of Africa in your life” through her African-inspired custom made furniture and interior decor by Home Of Sweet Savannah. Her designs offer exclusivity made from various African fabrics and natural resources .Apart from creating decorative pieces, she also offers interior decor, re-upholstery & space-uplift consulting services.

She aims to reach international shores & markets.